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When it comes to lyric writing, the internet can be a really helpful and powerful tool. Sometimes, you need to look up words or find inspiration. On other occasions, you are searching for synonyms or just a catchy rhyme for the hook you are writing. No matter what it is, it’s up there on countless websites. Sounds great!

The only problem is to find the fitting website that contains the information you need. It takes time and time and kicks you out of your flow of writing lyrics. My advice is to create a folder in your web browser and call it something like “lyrics” or “writing” or “songwriting”. Put bookmarks of useful websites for songwriting into that folder. The next time you start a writing session, open a new window in your browser and load up all sites you bookmarked into new tabs before you begin. It saves you time and enables you to write lyrics without disturbing interruptions.

Finding Words and Defintions

Dictionaries are pretty standard, but equally essential. How can you use a word in a lyrical way if you don’t understand it completely? If you look up a word, do also consider the different context a word can be placed in. Maybe, you discover the ambiguous meaning of a word. Try out with several dictionaries to find the one that suits you best. Dictionary.com and thefreedictionary are widely used and very complete. Also, try out ninjawords if you want to keep it simple and quick.

Another interesting website for writing lyrics is the reverse dictionary of onelook.com. If you can’t remember a word, you simply describe it in other words and the reverse dictionary spits out suggestions of words you might be looking for. Cool!

Onelook is handy for songwriting in various ways. It not only gives you definition of a word, but also lets you find phrases that contain your word, words that are related your word and the concept of it. Writing lyrics about a certain topic, you could search for related words and build a pool of words and phrases which you might use later. Give it a try!


Synonyms and Antonyms

You are stuck with a word that has to many or to less syllables or simply doesn’t sound right? In that case, fall back on a thesaurus and find synonyms of your word that suit your groove. Sometimes, the best way to describe something is to make use of the opposite of what you like to express. Have a look at this website. It lets you find antonyms of words.


What is a good chorus without a catchy rhyme? Rhymezone is a huge accumulation of rhymes in various forms. Also, have a look at the other functions that ‘Rhymezone’ offers. If you need to polish up your school knowledge about rhyme types, visit the rhyme glossary. Very interesting! I didn’t know there were so many. A way to boost you rhyme skills a bit further is to learn suffixes, prefixes and the root of words.“Learn that word” provides plenty of lists worth studying.


Everyone needs inspiration for his or her lyrics. Nothing at hand? Why not browse a collection of quotes of the most creative and intelligent minds of our history? Brainyquote offers the function to browse quotes by topic. How cool is that? Select the topic you write about. Find a quote. Get inspired or even use it as it is.

If you are not in the right mood to write lyrics about a certain topic, read some pomes on pomehunter.com. There you can find thousands of poems by users as well as by plenty famous poets.

Spell Check

Last but not least, spell check your work! If you don’t own microsoft word or apples pages, download open office or use orangoo, an online spell check.

Summary for the Lazy

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