10 Words to Describe Music: Musical Parameters

10 Words to Describe Music Musical Parameters Music can be very inconceivable and hard to describe thanks to its almost magical nature. Especially, when you need someone to translate ideas, emotions and messages into music it is quite difficult to communicate your internal musical concepts in a way that someone understands them [...]

The MIDI Note Number Frequency Wavelength Table

How to Write Magical Song Lyrics Part 1 - Melodic Rhythm MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a protocol to transfer controlling data in a musical context. MIDI-Controllers appear in forms of keys, wheels, faders, pads and sensors. The protocol contains information about pitch or velocity, which is [...]

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Music Rhythm Training Course

Music Rhythm Training Course Internalize Rhythmic Patterns Through Practice The Music Rhythm Training Course helps you internalize all major rhythmic patterns through reading practices. Being able to read rhythm notation and to internalize rhythmic patterns is essential for every composer, musician and even for electronic music producers and here is why: [...]

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How to Use the Circle of Fifths

How to Use the Circle of Fifths On how to understand the circle of fifths and apply it in musical situations I am a person who enjoys learning and applying methods with the motivation to improve my outcome in any situation. Learning an instrument you come across hundreds and thousands of tips and [...]

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Do Re Mi Fa

Do Re Mi Fa Introduction to Solmization - Learn How to Read Music Notes in Singing Do-Re-Mi-Fa Course Index: Introduction Instructions Beginners #1 Beginners #2 Beginners #3 Being able to read music notes in singing by means of relative note names ( do re mi fa sol la ti do ) is [...]

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