20 Fail-Safe Gifts for Music Producers <50$

gifts for music producersAre you on the lookout for fail-safe gifts for music producers? Then, I assure you, you came to the right address. Maybe your nephew or stepson is totally into production and you really want to hit the nail on the head this year.  All of the items below are gifts that I, as a music producer, would personally love to receive! I hope you’ll find a pick and make your special someone smile from ear to ear.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are probably the safest gift you can give to a music producer, unless he recently built a perfectly treated professional studio. Especially for new producers, acoustic panels are always welcome. Here are a couple of options.

[amazon box="B01G63LD4Q" title="Acoustic Panels" link_title="Acoustic Panels" description_items="4" /] [amazon box="B01C9F84RY" title="Acoustic Wedge for the Corners" link_title="Acoustic Wedge for the Corners" description_items="4" /] [amazon box="B012OFI98I" title="Vocal Recording Panel" link_title="Vocal Recording Panel" description_items="4" /]

Professional Hearing Protection

The biggest asset of a music producer are his or her ears. That’s why gifting a professional hearing protection is probably the most reasonable gift you can make. I carry a pair wherever I go and I bet my hearing would be much worse off, was it not for this handy tube at my keychain.

[amazon box="B0032BYCWG" title="Professional Hearing Protection" link_title="Professional Hearing Protection" description_items="3" /]

Portable Controllers for on the Road

Nowadays, a music producer can carry his studio in his backpack. Skrillex often produces his hit-tracks on airplanes and in hotel rooms. For high goals like this a laptop is not always enough. Therefore, I recommend gifting a music producer portable MIDI controller to give him or her more flexibility on the road.

[amazon box="B071KH8H6S" title="USB MIDI Controller Board" link_title="USB MIDI Controller Board" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B002M8GBDI" title="USB MIDI Keyboard" link_title="USB MIDI Keyboard" description_items="3" /]

Flexible Mic Stands

Microphone stands are usually super bulky. It’s often hard to just briefly grab a stand and record a sudden inspiration. As producers we need a quick workflow to get our ideas out there! A missing piece in the puzzle is therefore a super quick and handy mic access. The following solutions work wonders.

[amazon box="B01EBDZHNQ" title="Flexible Mic Stand" link_title="Flexible Mic Stand" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B005CUEJOQ" title="Flexible Mic Clamp Mount" link_title="Flexible Mic Clamp Mount" description_items="3" /]


Adapters, adapters, adapters! When I was studying music production adapters were always 1. scarce because they get lost so quickly due to size and 2. high in demand. That caused a lot of hassle and lending. Thus having more than necessary can never hurt.

[amazon box="B073WRJ44V" title="Mini Jack to Jack Adapter" link_title="Mini Jack to Jack Adapter" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B071143FJW" title="Headphone Splitter" link_title="Mini Headphone Splitter" description_items="3" /]

Pocket Synthesizer

Pocket synthesizers are probably the coolest thing to have as a music producer. You can carry them around, play them on the road and impress your other music producer friends with them. Truly a fail-safe gift for music producers!

[amazon box="B000SKHSRU" title="Retro Pocket Synth" link_title="Retro Pocket Synth" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B00684KFAM" title="Korg Monotron" link_title="Korg Monotron" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B075BBSLR2" title="STYLOPHONE GEN X-1" link_title="STYLOPHONE GEN X-1 " description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B002IGTP00" title="Otamatone" link_title="Otamatone" description_items="3" /]

Small Instruments

Another fail-safe gift for music producers are small instruments. You can never have enough of them! You can use them in creative ways in your productions or just fiddle around on them on the go to generate musical ideas and material.

[amazon box="B01F543PAW" title="Ukulele" link_title="Ukulele" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B07584K6G2" title="Zelda Ocarina" link_title="Zelda Ocarina" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B0055DCWKS" title="Melodica" link_title="Melodica" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B0769YGK2V" title="Kalimba" link_title="Kalimba" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B015Y18ULU" title="Mouth Harp" link_title="Mouth Harp" description_items="3" /] [amazon box="B01MQIF2MH" title="Major C Harmonica" link_title="Major C Harmonica" description_items="3" /]

Gearology Bestseller

[amazon box="B00HVLUR54,B004BR20OM, B00DY1F2CS" grid="3"][amazon box="B01E6T56CM, B00PIWB2SO, B00KVEIY4E" grid="3"]
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