Become a Stock Music Bestseller

Become a Stock Music Bestseller How To Compose Popular Stock Music To Crush It On Audio Jungle “What does it take to become a stock music bestseller? How to create popular stock music to make a decent living of it?” - Are two questions, I ask myself quite frequently. Lets face it; making [...]

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10 Words to Describe Music: Musical Parameters

10 Words to Describe Music Musical Parameters Welcome to a carefully crafted list of words to describe music. Music can be very inconceivable and hard to describe thanks to its almost magical nature. Especially, when you need someone to translate ideas, emotions and messages into music it is quite difficult to [...]

210 Awesome Open Guitar Chords

210 Awesome Open Guitar Chords And How to Use Them Are you bored of the sound of standard chords? Then, using open guitar chords is a way to pimp up your playing and boring chord progressions. There are thousands of open guitar chords and millions of ways to use them [...]

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10 Powerful Power Chord Variations

10 Powerful Power Chord Variations 'Radical!!!' - Bill & Ted Power chords are still an essential part of rock music as well as many other guitar dominated music styles. Nonetheless, standard power chords become boring quite fast to every over average guitar player. Power chords can be used perfectly as a musical device [...]

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Functions of Music for Film and Video

Functions of Music in Film and Video Music is an essential part of film. Nonetheless, often we are not even aware of the music playing in the background. However, if we realized on how many levels it influences us and our perception we would probably be amazed. >> Check out My Music on [...]

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Music in Marketing and Advertisement: Effective Strategies

Music in Marketing and Advertisement Effective Strategies Why is music so important in marketing and advertisement and what strategies are there to use it effectively? The influence of music on our moods, emotions, perceptions and preferences is often more present than we consciously experience. The psychology behind the mechanism of how music effects us [...]

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Music and Emotions: The Seven Mechanisms that Evoke Musical Emotions

Music and Emotions The Seven Mechanisms that Evoke Musical Emotions No one would argue against the statement that music and emotions can have a strong relationship with each other, but how is it even possible that something as abstract as music can evoke our most personal emotions? To answer this questions I [...]

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The 50 Best Film-Score Composers and Their Greatest Soundtracks

The 50 Best Film-Score Composers And Their Greatest Soundtracks Plenty of times, I read or heard the statement: 'Film-score composers are the compositional geniuses of our time.' In my eyes, there is a lot of truth behind this statement. Film-score composers need to be literate not only in many different musical [...]

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10 Extraordinary Instruments

10 Extraordinary Instruments 1. The Largest Drumkit Dr. Mark Temperato made a drumkit that comprises 340 pieces. For that he proudly holds the world record. He doesn't sit in front of his drumkit but inside of it as even above and behind him there is nothing but drums, percussion and cymbals. [...]

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The 56 Greatest Classical Composers ( by Musical Period and Country )

The 56 Greatest Classical Composers ( by Musical Period and Country ) This is a selective list of 56 of the greatest classical composers ordered chronologically and by musical period. I use "classical" as a classifying word for all these composers which is actually wrong. Only composers that were part of the musical [...]

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