Most Popular Christmas Songs, Guitar Chords and Lyrics

Most Popular Christmas Songs, Guitar Chords and Lyrics Ho, ho, ho ... It is Christmas time again and what is better than playing and singing the most popular Christmas songs with your family. As a small Christmas gift, I searched for the most famous Christmas songs of all time and created this wonderful [...]

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How to Write Magical Song Lyrics

How to Write Magical Song Lyrics Learning how to write magical song lyrics is a long process that not only takes practice but also life experience. Nevertheless, sometimes you stumble upon things that open your eyes, motivate and inspire and help you to take big step in your development. The following four videos made [...]

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Sight Reading Course

Sight Reading Course Introduction to Sight Reading - Learn How to Read Music Notes in Singing If you haven't done it already check out my Solmization course first. It is a great way to get going with reading music notes and furthermore a great tool for every musician. Being able to read [...]

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Do Re Mi Fa

Do Re Mi Fa Introduction to Solmization - Learn How to Read Music Notes in Singing Do-Re-Mi-Fa Course Index: Introduction Instructions Beginners #1 Beginners #2 Beginners #3 Being able to read music notes in singing by means of relative note names ( do re mi fa sol la ti do ) is [...]

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