The Complete List of Free Sample Libraries 2019

Freebies, Freebies Everywhere

Free Sample Libraries

Freebies, freebies, freebies. Before you start buying the most expensive sample libraries check out my list of free sample libraries first. I hope you find the instrument you need here.

I subdivided the list into categories of instruments: Guitar, bass, orchestral instruments, keys and piano, drum and percussion, synths, other instruments (think of world instruments, tiny instruments, weird instruments and everything else), sample player and instrument collections (on some websites there are just too many sample instruments to categorize them).

Also consider:

  • “®” stands for registration required
  • “@” stands for email address required
  • “κ” stands for instrument compatible with Kontakt

Feel free to add missing instruments or report broken links in the comment section below!!

Free Guitar Samples

Name Info Description
Ample Guitar M Lite II κ PluginBoutiques Free Guitar 14 Strum notes + 28 ways to play for every chord
Trash Guitar Power chords, palm muted power chords, single strings palm muted …
Flamestudios Great collection of guitars and bass guitars: FS Fender Telecaster, FS Seagull Steelstring, Gibson Les Paul (SFZ)
Old 32-String Kanteles κ A very very old form of a guitar
indiginus κ 3 free guitar libraries, you need them!
Audiowiesel κ Free e-ukulele
Sonas Ronroco κ NEW! Beautiful arped and ambient HQ guitar samples. A must click!
E-Ukulele κ NEW! Electric ukulele sample pack for kontakt.
Ample Sound κ NEW! Several guitar and bass Kontakt libraries. Go for it!
Zivix Jamstik+

Guitar MIDI Controller

Play these samples libraries with the guitar midi controller Jamstik from Zivix. You don’t need to be limited to a midi keyboard. If you come from a guitar background playing sample libraries with a guitar can be a viable alternative and lots of fun.

Free Bass Guitar Samples

Name Info Description
Ample Bass P Lite II κ Fender Precision Bass
Pettinhouse Bass κ And more of Pettinhouse: Direct Bass
Flamestudios Great collection of guitars and bass guitars: FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar and FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar (SFZ)
Kontakt Libraries k NEW! Free bass guitar libraries.
Bigcat k NEW! A collection of free Kontakt and SFZ bass guitar libraries
Rekkerd k NEW! Free acoustic bass kontakt library.

Free Orchestral Samples

Name Info Description
Tuba κ Pretty awesome sounding tuba samples. A present from the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Philharmonia Orchestra Sample Library The Philharmonia Orchestra offers a wide ranged sample library for free! Almost an entire orchestra!!! Only restriction: They give them away as loose samples. You have to create the instrument for Kontakt or other samplers yourself.
Sonita Symphony Complete SoundFont orchestra 440MB of size
Linux Sampler Project piano, violin, cello and at the very end the open orchestra
BedroomProducer κ Collection of free Kontakt instruments: Cinema Strings, Warm Pentode Brass and other non orchestral instruments
Intimate Strings Lite ®κ Nice sounding string instrument with several expressions
ikmultimedia ®κ Piano, drums, vocals, brass, organ …
Karoryfer κ A cello.
Carpenter Trombone κ Ivy Audio Carpenter Trombone! Pretty awesome.
Clare Solo κ Vocal samples of a professional classical female vocalist named clare.
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra κ NEW! Full orchestral sample library
Glockenspiel κ NEW! Jonathans glockenspiel. Le German instrumentname
Feroyns Flute κ NEW! FFFFFFFlute
Rosinspiel κ NEW! Bowed Glockenspiel.
Angels Harp κ@ NEW! Harp alarm. 662mb sized well programmed harp kontakt library.
Total Composure/a> κ NEW! Complete free orchestral Kontakt sample library!
Akai Professional EWI USB | Electronic Wind Instrument MIDI Controller with Included Sound Library

Wind MIDI Controller

How about adding the natural velocity of a wind instrument to your MIDI lines? The Akai Professional EWI easily connects through USB to your setup and it even has multiple fingering modes: sax, traditional EWI, flute, oboe, and EVI brass.

Free Keys and Piano Samples

Name Info Description
Ivy Audio κ I have to write in bold because this piano is sooo awesome and free!! Thx Simon Dalzell
Soni Musicae κ Soni Musicae specialized on harpsichords, organ and piano samples. Check out their freebies.
Armore Grand Piano κ Great sounding piano for ballads and more
Wavesfactory Free pipe organ sample library
Rock-Si-Chord κ From Soniccouture
Magnus Chord Organ κ A 1970’s reed organ
Tape Loop Organ κ Sounds interesting. Check out the description for more information
KVR Audio Piano One – the VST piano
Retrosampling κ Some electric pianos and other piano instruments free to download on
Supertone Babypiano VST for Windows with samples of a baby piano (toy piano)
Hugokant Toypiano, Fender Rhodes, Balafon, Vibraphone & more!
Baby Grand k New! Free Baby Grand Piano
Townhall Organ k New! The Leeds Town Hall Organ 3.2GB Monster.
Mellotron k New! You gotta love the Mellotron. You don’t know it? Go do your research now!

Free Drum and Percussion Samples

Name Info Description
60s Rogers Pop Kit  κ Pop Kit Replicates the Drum Sound From Old 60s Pop Records
Free Drum Kits Absolutely awesome site!!!!!
Free Triangle Samples Bing, bing! Orchestration
LoopsDelaCreme Claps & Stomps  κ®  If you fill in a survey you can get this awesome clap and stomp Kontakt instrument for free!
Waves Alchemy Drum Tools Teaser ® Drum sample packs for electronic productions
Pettinhouse Drums κ And even more from Pettinhouse: Several Vynil Electronic Drumkits
Atom Hub κ Wow, you have to check this one out! Very creative rhythm samplepacks like Mr Pot and Bus Stop Booth!!
VST Buzz  κ Free Egyptian Darabuka Library
Wavealchemy ®κ Wavealchemy gives away several different sample banks like: Club Kicks, FX’s, 606 Drums, 808 Tape, Wired Electronics
Tongue Drum κ Asian idiophone that sounds like TH’s Whale Drum.
Acoustic Drumkit κ NSA Custom Series Drumkit by Dean aka “Nekro”
Perculiar Percussion Wooden Door, Wooden Railing, Metal Lid, Trowel … like their samples like their name: Sample Oddity
MASSIVE Drumcomputer Library 282 Drum Sets / 24.331 WAV Samples / 2.87 GB
Big Mono κ Free acoustic drumkit
Bits and Beats ® Kero’s Bits and Beats
Xtan Audio African Slit Drum: A high quality African slit drum for Kontakt.
XLN Audio ® Addictive Drums demo version
Twisted Tools  10 Drumkits
Precisionsound Bells Tibetan Meditation Bells
Alanvista  κ Hand Crash
Volkoaudio κ® A darbuka-nut with very neat sounding loops
Cinesamples κ@ Triangle!
Samplekatra κ@ Handclaps what else
Scott Drums κ BAM! Ivy Audio again with a function clean drumkit.
NS Drums κ NEW! pretty tight well programmed acoustic drum kit kontakt library
Drummica κ NEW! Complete Kontakt drum kit.
Gameboy Drumkit κ NEW! Gameboy Drumkit for Kontakt
Wave Alchemy κ NEW! Vintage tape drum machine kpr 66
PylePro Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set, 7 Pad Digital Drum Kit, Touch Sensitivity, Wireless Electric Drums, Drum Machine, Electric Drum Pads, LED Display, Mac & PC (PTED01)

MIDI Drum Kit

Even if you are not a drummer by heart playing your drum lines with a touch sensitive MIDI drum kit like the Pyle Pro PTED01 can add a natural feel that programmed lines are lacking. Badum-tsss

Free Synths and FX Samples

Name Info Description
Hollow Sun Kontakt Samples κ Check out those free sample libraries. Hollow Sun is giving away 11 different treasures from PolyMoog Strings to the Novachord
Modularsamples κ Pretty interesting page with allot of free stuff
Protone Elements κ Dirty 808, Analog LoFi Bass, Virus Hypersaw, Synthetic Guitars, …
Nord Modular Samples ®κ Free Nord Sounds; A collection of great Clavia Nord Modular G2 multisamples from Wavescape Studio
Free Arp Odyssey For Kontakt κ Vintage analog synthesizer from 1972
Retrosampling κ Oscillator pak – sampler synth elements v1.0 (VST instrument that uses waveforms for experimental synth sounds)
BedroomProducer κ Vintage synthesizer and samplers
Fairlight CMI IIx κ Fairlight CMI IIx for Kontakt. Fairlight is the mother of all samplers
Noizefield κ GameBoy and Nintendo samples
Durk Kooistra Extreme Bass FX Samples
Genobass Genobazz 2 is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in
Genobass R Genobazz R is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in
VST Buzz  κ@ Granulate & Shortnoise more than 6 gb of synth sounds and a granulator how awesome?
99Sounds κ Modern bass sounds for all edm lovers
Hollowsun κ® Synths, Vox, Moog Strings, Aeropad,
Awolfe NEW! A bunch of old vintage analog synthesizer samples
Karanyimusic NEW! Free Oberheim, DSI, Yamaha DX7, Roland Super JV & Moog patches for your Kontakt

Other Instruments

Name Info Description
Ample Percussion Cloudrum ® κ Pretty Hangdrum Instrument by PluginBoutique
Music Box Wavesfactory κ Beautiful sounding old music box recorded in stereo, sleep now!
Wavesfactory Freelodica κ Freelodica (melodica, duh)
Ivy Audio  κ Beautiful experimental vocal samples
Wavesfactory A big black clock
Bolder Sounds ®κ Unbelievable! They give away 23 Instruments for free: Bavarian Zither, Buffalo Accordion, Electric Sitar, Harmonica, Mini Sax, Thumb Piano and many others. Check it out!
Sonivox κ Free soundfont samples from flutes to synths a colorful collection
RECsopran Free recorder sample library (I know you love those)
Kong Audio Get the china feel!
Digitalsoundfactory ®κ Don’t know exactly what you can get here but it sounds promising
Tekit-Audio κ Soprano recorder! Everyone needs a recorder in his instrument library!
Embertone ®κ Four free instruments: Atmoraffe, Kitchen Sounds, Jug Drum, Intimate Strings
Brendanjhogan κ Some Kontakt instruments with strange names: FlyinaBottle, CardboardTube, WarpedKalimba
Rekkerd κ 9 World Instruments for Kontakt
Precisionsound Toy Instrument A collection of toy instruments
Precisionsound Music Box Free music box sample library
Precisionsound Ocarina Free peruvian ocarina sample library
Atom Hub  κ Wow, you have to check this one out!!! Very creative high quality tonal Kontakt libraries
Stylusbeats κ Kontakt library of a Stylophone, whatever that is
The Mither κ NEW! The Mither is a unique plucked instrument for Kontakt derived from a mandolin.(I copied that)
Ethnic Flute NEW! Ethnic flute samples perfect for hip-hop

Free Sample Player and Instrument Collections

Name Info Description
Kontakt 5 Player + 50 Instruments Native Instruments gives away the Kontakt 5 Player for free + 50 of their instruments
SampleTank ® Virtual instrument and sound workstation with several sample libraries
Beat Zampler Sfz Sample Player
Free Sound Samples Huuuuge sample library! 8 GB and over 8000 samples of all kind!
SFZero Simple Soundfont Player for mac

NEW! Other Free Sample Library Collections

Name Info Description
Pluginboutique k@ Several free Kontakt instruments like a huge organ
VST Buzz k@ 20+ high quality kontakt instruments. Respect!
Cymatics k A huge collection of high quality sample libraries. I’m a little jealous, cause they have pictures. (cmd+f+”free” to find the free gems)
Samplephonics A good bunch of 100% royalty free samples and instruments. Worth a click.
Synthtopia Free sample library for computer music
FLStudioMusic k 38 Best free Kontakt libraries. Well they are the best, or aren’t they?
FactMag k 25 Best free Kontakt libraries. So they are the best, too?
Productionmusiclive k The top 10 free Kontakt libraries. Well, well, well.
Bigcat Instruments k A hidden gem! A bunch of original kontakt libraries.
Kontakt Libraries k A bag full of free Kontakt libraries.
Bedroomproducer k A tight collection of free bass and guitar libraries.
Free Sample Packs k Kontakt library collection. They have stars for rating. I wanted stars for rating 🙁

I hope you could find something valuable on this list. If there are any broken links or you free sample libraries that are not listed please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Steve May 10, 2015 at 2:28 am - Reply

    Wow. Great selection of freebies. There’s also a nice free soundfont player called Sforzando by Plogue.

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  3. Ron June 8, 2015 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    You have forgot the great Hephaestus Sounds, with wonderful freebies like Steinway Grand 3, Clean Guitar, Oboe…

    But it’s a great list!


  4. Jurandir June 17, 2015 at 5:15 am - Reply

    It’s not Sonita Symphony, it’s Sonatina Symphonic Orchestral. Thanks for your great jobing!

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  6. Nathan September 29, 2015 at 10:56 am - Reply

    There’s a nice VI called “DrumMic’A”. The website is in German (nothing google can’t fix) but the instrument has an English version

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    This very well might be the best post I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you very, very much.

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    After so many free acoustic piano sample packs available for free, the list of free epiano samples appears to be much smaller. Perhaps there are a few more dozens of crappy soundfonts available, but following the

  12. tom March 12, 2016 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    I love this list, and I hope it gets updated. Just sharing, I recently found nice free orchestral strings here:


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    this is so cool….dis is so dope… thumbs up

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    holy f..k! this is a huge amount of samples! thank you bro for what you do

  18. DYURY June 9, 2016 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    ” “κ” stands for instrument compatible with Kontakt player ”

    Most of the instruments with “k” are compatible with kontakt FULL, not PLAYERS.

    Can you fix it, please?


  19. Martin Ried July 26, 2016 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    Dario, do you know, what you are? A genius!!! Thank you sooo much you can’t imagine how! You saved houndreds of my dollars literally.

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      It was more a crapload of work rather than the work of a genius but thank you anyway 🙂

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  21. Rattly And Raw October 2, 2016 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Don’t forget our “The Hipster’s Bongos” free instrument! Find it at:

  22. Erik Sumo November 4, 2016 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    Hello Dario,

    Thanks for this nice gigantic collection. I’ve already found some really interesting synth libraries I’ve not been aware of.

    We’ve just released Gombulator, a free Kontakt Instrument that is based on a rare portable Yamaha synth from the 80s, the Yamaha psr15. It is really really simple but beautiful. Has one knob, that is the moon on the right side and you can dial in all 6 preset sounds of the Yamaha synth, plus the drums also.

    Its’ free and requires Kontakt 5.6.1 Full version. Would nicely fit into the ‘Free Keys’ section.

    Here’s the download link:

    Good luck with the blog!

  23. Nick Dwyer November 8, 2016 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    Hey Dario,

    Great site here. Please take a look at or free library content for Ableton and Native Instruments.

    All my own work.


    Nick Dwyer aka flintpope

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    Link for Alchemy broken. Apple doesn’t have it.

  26. Nathaniel August 14, 2017 at 8:15 am - Reply

    Check out this free sub bass patch!!

  27. Dan Brown Jr October 1, 2017 at 4:28 am - Reply

    Here’s a FREE Kontakt Instrument by SampleHero –

  28. Vladimir April 26, 2018 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    Thanks a lot for this AWESOME list. Love.

    Ample Percussion Cloudrum — fantastic new free instument by Ample Sound — and more free instument there

    • Vladimir April 26, 2018 at 11:52 pm - Reply

      8Dio CAGE Unleashed
      8Dio Century Brass Try Pack v1_2
      8Dio Century Strings Try Pack

  29. TAQS.IM January 22, 2019 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    Hi! Check out our Free Kontakt Middle Eastern Instrument at

  30. Tieme February 11, 2019 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    Hi! Great list!

    Here’s a link to Typhonic Samples’s Free Bundle, with 500+ samples and presets.


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