3 Lessons from Documentary Montage of Heck about Kurt Cobain’s Life

3 Lessons from Documentary Montage of Heck about Kurt Cobain's Life I just watched Brett Morgen’s Documentary about Kurt Cobain's life, from his birth to his death. Since 2008 Martin had the permission to use every stored up piece of art Kurt ever created, ranging from his writings and paintings to [...]

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How to Overcome Stage Fright Unconventionally

How to Overcome Stage Fright 5 Unconventional Methods “Hey, you are on in 5 minutes,” echo’s your friends voice through the long backstage corridor. You nod reservedly but these few words stoke up your unbearable stage fright yet again. Your thoughts are racing, your palms are sweating and adrenaline rushes through [...]

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Music in Marketing and Advertisement: Effective Strategies

Music in Marketing and Advertisement Effective Strategies Why is music so important in marketing and advertisement and what strategies are there to use it effectively? The influence of music on our moods, emotions, perceptions and preferences is often more present than we consciously experience. The psychology behind the mechanism of how music effects [...]

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Music and Emotions: The Seven Mechanisms that Evoke Musical Emotions

Music and Emotions The Seven Mechanisms that Evoke Musical Emotions No one would argue against the statement that music and emotions can have a strong relationship with each other, but how is it even possible that something as abstract as music can evoke our most personal emotions? To answer this questions I [...]

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How to Record What You Hear ( Built-in Output ) for Mac

How to Record What You Hear for Mac Record the Built-In Output for Free Every Mac or Computer user comes across the moment when he or she simply wants to record what he hears through his speakers. Let it be a show on your favorite life stream radio or audio samples from that [...]

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How to Make the Right Study Choice

How to Make the Right Study Choice One of the most important decisions you have to make in your life is the choice of your studies. Therefore, this choice should be made consciously and independent of social conditioning. It is common and a well-known stereotype that young people often study a specific subject to live [...]

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Synesthesia: Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music?

Synesthesia Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music? For a long time I have been asking myself whether it is possible to teach myself to hear colors or see music. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting TED Talk that answered my question to some extend. But before [...]

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