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When it comes to music creation, from jazz to electronic dance, it is really helpful to study the foundational building blocks of music in isolation. For that reason I developed the following courses each focussing on the study of one topic only. Use these courses to develop your skills, widen your musical understanding or for the purpose of music school preparation.

Do Re Mi Fa Course

In this course you will learn to use the relative notes do re mi fa sol la ti. Knowing the relative note system is essential for many skills like sight-reading, solfège, improvisation, composition and more. This course is also the foundation for the sight-reading course below.

Beginners #1
Beginners #2
Beginners #3

Sight Reading Practice

The sight-reading practice is dedicated to learn to read music notes in singing. It comes with practice material for each interval from seconds to octaves. Being able to sight-read is a great skill for every singer but also helpful for instrumentalists as it educates the musical ear and practices note-reading.

Music Rhythm Training Course

This course will help you internalize rhythmical patterns through practicing reading rhythmic music notation. It is a great strategy to improve your rhythmic abilities in composition and improvisation!

Course Instructions
Easy 4/4
Medium 4/4
Difficult 4/4
Easy 3/4
Medium 3/4
Difficult 3/4
Music for Film
Music in Marketing
Music and Emotions
Best Film Composers

Music For Film

A collection of articles on the topic of music for film. If you are an aspiring music composer for media these articles will help you along the way to become the best film score composer of our time! I believe in you.

Truths about Music

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