Free MidSide, Expander, Stereo Plugins


This is a list of totally free vst plugins in the category stereo, dimension expander and midside plugins. The quality of these free stereo plugins are high thus I don’t see a real need to buy fancy expensive ones. But maybe you are that type of person, don’t let me tell you what to do! I don’t judge you for wanting the most fancy expensive dimension expander. Go for it!

Stereo plugins allow us to manipulate the stereo image of a sound. For example making a stereo audio file appear wider or narrower using the dimension expander; Isolating mid or side information of a stereo track. This very helpful in the mastering phase of a production;  Or simply displaying the stereo scope for a visual representation of the stereo field.

Free MidSide, Expander, Stereo Scope Plugins

Name Type System
Pluginboutique Collection Various Windows, Mac
ModernSlitter MidSide Windows
MRatio, MStereoExpander, MStereoScope <- Windows, Mac
Panpilator Mastering Windows, Mac
Voxengo Mastering Mastering Windows, Mac
Stereo Tool Stereo Tool Windows, Mac
Blue Cats Bundle Mastering Bundle Windows, Mac
Voxengo Mastering Bundle Windows, Mac
Don’t Crack All Kinds of VST’s Windows, Mac
Ozone Imager Stereo Image Windows, Mac
BX Solo Stereo Width Windows, Mac
Xfer Dimension Expander Dimension Expander Windows, Mac
Up Stereo Stereo Width Windows, Mac
MidSide Matrix MidSide Windows, Mac

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