Fail-Safe Gifts for Guitar Players

gifts for guitar playersBuying gifts for guitar players is probably one of the easiest things I can think of, but maybe that’s because I am a guitar player myself. For you all non-guitar freaks out there who have a special someone who on the other hand loves the guitar, this article is for you! All of the gift ideas below are absolutely fail-safe. Every item is very useful to guitar players and most of the items are quite rare so that you can be sure not buy something double.

A Box full of Picks 

A box full of picks is probably the safest option you got. It’s very common for us guitar players to lose picks all over the place. Having an abundance of picks and pick thickness options gives us the peace of mind we need to play that tune for you.

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The Pick Puncher

The pick puncher is a funny but very useful gimmick that lets your guitar friend create picks out of almost everything. Pick problem solved forever!

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A String Winder

Changing strings can take a little while and guitar players often avoid doing it because of it’s frustrating nature. Gifting a string winder will solve this problem for your guitar friend and he’ll be forever thankful.

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A Guitar Tool Kit

This guitar tool kit is a great gift idea for guitar players. Especially if you are just starting out, having a tool kit with all the necessities for changing strings and repair work can save your guitar friend great headaches.

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Professional Hearing Protection

Your guitar friend needs his pair of ears to work well for the years to come. Therefore, gifting portable hearing protection is a very reasonable gift to give. I have one pair myself and carry them around on my keychain wherever I go.

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Acoustic Panels

The thought, “I have enough acoustic panels in my life” never appeared to me in 15 years of playing the guitar and producing music. For that reason, I can say, it’s a pretty fail-safe gift for guitar players!

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The Hammer Jammer

The Hammer Jammer is a nice guitar gimmick that allows you to create a unique trill effect. Watch this video to get a better impression of how it works.

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The Guitar Triller

Similar to the hammer jammer this device creates a trill like sound and thereby allows for new creative ways to play the guitar. Check out the video on the product page.

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The Spider Capo

The Spider Capo is another interesting gimmick that opens up countless possibilities to tunings. Check out the video on the product page for further explanation.

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A Cello Bow

Why would a guitar player want to have a cello bow? Good question! Bowing the guitar with a cello bow can create a unique sound and will therefore be a welcome present to your guitar player friend. Check out this video if you want to hear how it sounds in practice.

[amazon box="B004MCDIH4" title="Cello Bow" link_title="Cello Bow" description_items="4" /]

The EBow

The Ebow is definitely a tool on my wish-list! Through a coil of wire and a magnetic pole piece it lets one or multiple strings resonate. In comparison to the harsher sound of plucking, strumming or picking strings this devices allows the player to create a very smooth and dreamy sound.

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The Double Plectone

For the small pocket, this double pick might be the right choice. I guarantee this little gift will make your guitar buddy smile!

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Guitar Polish

Is your guitar-buddy seriously planning to go on stage with this dirty piece of wood? Uagh! This guitar polish by Earnie Ball will make his or her guitar shine.

[amazon box="B0002GZTT4" title="Guitar Polish" link_title="Guitar Polish" description_items="4" /]

VariGrip Forearm Exerciser

The VariGrip Forearm Exerciser is maybe not the right present for every muscleman but for a guitar-newbie this device can speed up the grip strength gaining process quite a bit.

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The Guitar Pick-Holder

Picks: When you want to play you can’t find ’em and when you don’t want to play, they magically appear in your hand! The Guitar Pick-Holder solves this problem in a neat and stylish way. Fail-safe!

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