10 Fail-Safe Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

gift ideas for music loversWe all have this one friend who is just too much into music, don’t we? Luckily we can make those people extra happy by giving them very special music related gifts. As a music enthusiast myself I created this list of gift ideas for music lovers that I wish someone would stumble upon before buying presents for me ‘wink wink’. I hope you’ll find something that’s suits your music friend and makes him or her very happy and you even more special to him!

High Quality Kalimba

Your music lover friend probably already has 3 shitty bamboo kalimbas flying around the house but I bet he doesn’t have a high quality one. The one on top will sound absolutely heaven-like and the one in the bottom has more functionality for people who actually want to play their favorite songs on them.

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Pic Puncher

If your music friend plays the guitar, this little tool here will give him a lot of pleasure. The pic puncher allows you to punch out your own pics for playing the guitar.

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Vintage Wooden Music Box

Create your own songs with the Vintage Wooden Music Box. It’s always fun to play around in an analog environment musically in a world that is digitally dominated.

[amazon box="B017FRRE86" title="Vintage Wooden Music Box" link_title="Vintage Wooden Music Box" description_items="3" /]

Professional Hearing Protection

Proper portable ear protection is probably the most reasonable gift idea for a music lover. I have one of Alpine Hearing Protection myself and I carry them around everywhere at my keychain. My hearing would probably be worse by now without them.

[amazon box="B0032BYCWG" title="Professional Hearing Protection" link_title="Professional Hearing Protection" description_items="3" /]

Acoustic Panels

Of course, every music lover once in his career of loving music asks himself, “How can I improve the sound of this room?”. If you gift your music lover friend stylish soundproofing panels, he or she will love you for it.

[amazon box="B01G63LD4Q" title="Acoustic Panels" link_title="Acoustic Panels" description_items="4" /]

Music Related Homeware & Clothing

You can’t go wrong with music related homeware for your music lover friend.

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Gearology Bestseller

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