Free Overdrive, Distortion and Amp VST Plugins

free overdrive vst plugins

This is the second part of my free VST plugin collection. This time I searched the web for free overdrive, distortion and amp modulation plugins. So, before you buy expensive VST plugins check out this free list and hopefully find what you are looking for. The links below that are printed in bold are my favorites of this free VST plugin list and definitely worth checking out! Cheers.

 Free Distortion, Overdrive and Amp Plugins

Name Type System
Pluginboutique Collection Various Windows, Mac
Dominion Saturation, Envelope Windows, Mac
Crunchdude Overdrive Windows
Revival Thickener Windows, Mac
IVGI Saturation, Distortion Windows, Mac
Mercuriall Cab Speaker, Amp Simulation Windows, Mac
Guitar Amp Free Guitar Amp Windows
TSE Audio Guitar, Bass Sound Windows, Mac
Lo-Fizer Lo-Fi Windows
Pedals VST Pedals of all Sorts Windows
Heptode VST Guitar Pedals Windows, Mac
Frohmage Warmth Windows, Mac
IgniteAmps Several Amp VST’s Windows, Mac
ampLion Guitar Amp Windows, Mac
Electtronix Frippertronix Emulator Windows
Amplifikation Lite Guitar Amp Windows, Mac
Grind Machine Guitar, Bass, Clipper, Saturation Windows, Mac
Saturation Knob Saturation Windows, Mac
SGA1566 Tube Amp Windows, Mac
Emissary Guitar Amp Windows, Mac
Flextron DC14 Guitar Amp Windows, Mac
Ace Guitar Amp Windows, Mac
Boogex Guitar Amp Windows, Mac

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