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Who is writing? Dario, a german-born internet citizen, professional music producer, composer, teacher, blogger and internet entrepreneur who likes to help you become a well rounded music producer!

15 Helpful Website for Writing Lyrics

15 Helpful Website for Writing Lyrics When it comes to lyric writing, the internet can be a really helpful and powerful tool. Sometimes, you need to look up words or find inspiration. On other occasions, you are searching for synonyms or just a catchy rhyme for the hook you are writing. No matter [...]

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Synesthesia: Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music?

Synesthesia Can you teach yourself to hear colors or see music? For a long time I have been asking myself whether it is possible to teach myself to hear colors or see music. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting TED Talk that answered my question to some extend. But before [...]

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How to Use the Circle of Fifths

How to Use the Circle of Fifths On how to understand the circle of fifths and apply it in musical situations I am a person who enjoys learning and applying methods with the motivation to improve my outcome in any situation. Learning an instrument you come across hundreds and thousands of tips and [...]

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