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Who is writing? Dario, a german-born internet citizen, professional music producer, composer, teacher, blogger and internet entrepreneur who likes to help you become a well rounded music producer!

How to Record What You Hear ( Built-in Output ) for Mac

How to Record What You Hear for Mac Record the Built-In Output for Free Every Mac or Computer user comes across the moment when he or she simply wants to record what he hears through his speakers. Let it be a show on your favorite life stream radio or audio samples from that [...]

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10 Extraordinary Instruments

10 Extraordinary Instruments 1. The Largest Drumkit Dr. Mark Temperato made a drumkit that comprises 340 pieces. For that he proudly holds the world record. He doesn't sit in front of his drumkit but inside of it as even above and behind him there is nothing but drums, percussion and cymbals. [...]

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The 56 Greatest Classical Composers ( by Musical Period and Country )

The 56 Greatest Classical Composers ( by Musical Period and Country ) This is a selective list of 56 of the greatest classical composers ordered chronologically and by musical period. I use "classical" as a classifying word for all these composers which is actually wrong. Only composers that were part of the musical [...]

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Jazz Blues Chord Progression Generator

Jazz Blues Chord Progression Generator The Jazz-Blues-Generator is a program written in Max/Msp that plays a 12-Bar-Dominant-Jazz-Blues chord progression and generates a fitting solo over it. It can be used - to get to know the chords, modes and sound of the 12-Bar-Dominant-Jazz-Blues - as a backing track to practice improvisation over variable chord [...]

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How to Become a Good Choir Singer

How to Become a Good Choir Singer I have been singing in choirs for several years now. Learning to become a good choir singer and learning to sing in a choir takes a long time. There are plenty of sticking points you will have to overcome but in my eyes there are two main [...]

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How to Calculate Delay Time for Beat Synchronization

How to Calculate Delay Time for Beat Synchronization Calculating the delay time for beat synchronization is often a point of confusion. But it don't have to be. In essence, it is just a simple mathematical formula that you can deduce easily if you once understood it fully. In this article, I give you a [...]

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Game of Sound – (by Conway’s Game of Life)

Game of Sound by Conway's Game of Life The Game of Sound is a small project of mine where I combined a simple 11 by 16 step sequencer with the principles of Conway's Game of Life. I used Max/MSP to program it and simple FM-synthesis to create the sounds. Game of [...]

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