Free Compressor, Limiter, Gate & Expander VST Plugins

Free Dynamic VST Plugins Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Expander, Exciter Before spending too much money on expensive compressor VST plugins or downloading them illegally go through this list of free VST plugins and download and test out free alternatives first. I weeded through hundreds of pages to find these compressor, limiter, expander, gate and [...]

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3 Lessons from Documentary Montage of Heck about Kurt Cobain’s Life

3 Lessons from Documentary Montage of Heck about Kurt Cobain's Life I just watched Brett Morgen’s Documentary about Kurt Cobain's life, from his birth to his death. Since 2008 Martin had the permission to use every stored up piece of art Kurt ever created, ranging from his writings and paintings to [...]

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10 Words to Describe Music: Musical Parameters

10 Words to Describe Music Musical Parameters Welcome to a carefully crafted list of words to describe music. Music can be very inconceivable and hard to describe thanks to its almost magical nature. Especially, when you need someone to translate ideas, emotions and messages into music it is quite difficult to [...]

How to Overcome Stage Fright Unconventionally

How to Overcome Stage Fright 5 Unconventional Methods “Hey, you are on in 5 minutes,” echo’s your friends voice through the long backstage corridor. You nod reservedly but these few words stoke up your unbearable stage fright yet again. Your thoughts are racing, your palms are sweating and adrenaline rushes through [...]

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The Complete List of Free Sample Libraries 2020

The Complete List of Free Sample Libraries 2020 Freebies, Freebies Everywhere Freebies, freebies, freebies. Before you start buying the most expensive sample libraries check out my list of free sample libraries first. I hope you find the instrument you need here. I subdivided the list into categories of instruments: Guitar, bass, orchestral [...]

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210 Awesome Open Guitar Chords

210 Awesome Open Guitar Chords And How to Use Them Are you bored of the sound of standard chords? Then, using open guitar chords is a way to pimp up your playing and boring chord progressions. There are thousands of open guitar chords and millions of ways to use them [...]

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